2011 Christmas

We finally made it to Loop’s Christmas party this year. (Last year we went to New York. The year before that we went on a cruise.) It was awesome. They went all out with a circus theme. They even had real tigers! One was a 600 lb tiger, kept in a huge cage. The other was a 10 weeks old cub, walking around on a leash. Steve P was actually bitten by it. (“Our project manager got bitten by a tiger at the office Christmas party!”)

There were performers (acrobatic, juggler, fire girl). Loop also asked a few employees to participate. Steve’s daughters did ballet. G was the strong man. Jason D did brake dancing. Chris and Sofie sang. And I did a yoga routine.

After the show, they had the award ceremony. A lot of awards, gifts, and bonuses were given out. Thanks Loop!

More pictures here


2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is Loop’s second annual pumpkin carving contest. This year we had 7 contestants. We also had a voting box to determine the winner.

  • First place: G’s “Death Star”
  • Second place: Alex’s “Mr Mustache”
  • Third place: John’s “Portal”

Honorable mentions

  • Amy W’s “Beelzebub”
  • Jason H’s “Angry Birds”
  • Justin M’s “George”
  • Karn R’s “Guy Fawkes”


2011 Howl O Scream

Loop had another Howl O Scream event this year.  We got the Fright Feast (dinner + show) and the Front Line Fear pass (skip to the front of the haunted house lines). 

At 5:00pm Alex, Justin, and I rode together to Busch Gardens.  We met up with the rest of the co-workers at the diner place for dinner and a show.  The show was alright.  Some of us left early to take advantage of the short lines.

Our group went through all the haunted houses first.  There were six in total.  I thought they were ok.  Aside from the decorations, they all pretty much had the same scare tactic: loud noises (since they’re not allowed to touch you).

After the houses, we went on the roller coasters.  The new Cheetah Hunt ride was really cool.  Though Alex timed it at 1:26 minutes.  Much shorter than the advertised three and a half minutes.


2011 Achieva Box Car Rally

Loop participated in the Second Annual Achieva Box Car Rally. This year there were a lot more contestants, a lot more cars, and the whole event was put together better.

Weeks prior to the race, Alex, Ash, John, Justin, and I spent time working on the car. The final result was a very shiny and car-like paint job. Sheri designed the decals.

This year we entered in two classes: Adult and Corporate. We won both classes!


2011 Loop Foosball

First off, thanks to all the people who donated to help bring a foosball table to the office.  And thanks to Alex and Scott for going with me to pick it up.

I’ve been looking around on craigs list for a used foosball table. The two most popular ones are Tornado and Harvard. This one is the best I found for a good price. Hopefully we’ll get people at the office interested and maybe do a monthly tournament!

2011 Warrior Dash


This weekend I participated in the Warrior Dash with my co-workers from Loop and a friend from college (Alex, Dave, G, Lee, Lindsay, Robert, and Stacy).  We had a blast!

Warrior Dash is a mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from hell.  This fierce running series is held on the most challenging and rugged terrain across the globe.  Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push their limits and celebrate with kick-ass music, beer and warrior helmets.

2010 Loop Halloween Party


When I thought last year’s Halloween party was awesome, this year totally blew it away.  The front lawn was converted into a haunted graveyard with animatronics everywhere.  Even the bathrooms were rigged.  The kitchen, living room, the backyard, and the dock were all decorated.

This year Jessica went as a witch.  I went as a mummy.  Jessica made my costume out of some long johns and cut up bed sheets.  It turned out really good.



Pictures from Brad Kugler

2010 Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is Loop’s first annual pumpkin carving contest.  There were nine pumpkins.  And the Judges were Sophie and her family.  The winner got a box of Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • First Place: John’s “Boo From Mario”
  • Second Place: Tovin’s “Loop Logo”
  • Third Place: Karn’s “Taking a Bite”

The rest
  • Alex’s “Owl”
  • Dave’s “Face”
  • Ian’s “Alian”
  • Brian’s “Pi”
  • x’s “Ghost”
  • Josh’s “Josh”
Mine had two pumpkins: a big one biting a smaller one.  Jessica helped carve the smaller one.  It was a lot of fun.


First Annual Achieva Box Car Rally


Today is the First Annual Achieva Box Car Rally held in downtown Clearwater from 9am – 2pm. There were four race classes: Pee Wee, Teen, Adult, and Corporate. Registration started at 8am.


The Loop team (Alex, G, Stacy, Troy, and I) met up at the office around 8am. We picked up the car and some tools and headed over to the registration. Cory had some errands to run and Michael overslept. The other Loopies showed closer to the race to cheer us on,

Most of the cars were custom built, using wooden bodies and small wheels. Some, including ours, were kit cars. A couple were custom built using metal frames and bicycle wheels. Apparently you can enter one car into multiple classes (while switching drivers) because the Knuckle Buster and the Achieva teams participated in all four classes.


The Knuckle Buster won the first three classes by a wide margin and was the favorite to win it all. We were a bit worried because they also beat the other kit cars. But our fear was put to ease after we ran our first heat and got the best time of the day.

We had five members on the team. I was the driver, and the other four could be the pusher. But because of the kit’s design, we decided to let G be the sole pusher. He did a great job giving our car the fastest speed off the line. In the first heat, he pushed so hard that after letting go, he lost his balance and went tumbling. But with a good reflex, G was able to roll and get right back up.


After our first heat with the fastest lap of the day, the officials switched the second heat so that we could go head to head with the Knuckle Buster. Because they had already won the previous three classes, the crowd seemed to be on our side, cheering the new coming on to beat the favorite. The atmosphere was totally awesome.

In our second heat, G didn’t trip and was able to get the car to an even better start. I tucked my head and kept the car as straight as I could. Per Stacy’s advice, I also tried to avoid all the bumps on the road. The result was us beating the Knuckle Buster by over a second.


The Loop team scored the best times of the day and came away with the Corporate class trophy, ending the Knuckle Buster’s chance of the title sweep. We also had the biggest fan group of any team. So thanks again for all of you who came out to support us.

Go Loop!






29th Birthday



Today I turn 29! ??My last year of being in the twenties. ??

On Saturday Jessica and I went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. On Sunday she gave me a haircut (after watching a how-to on youtube) and baked me a red velvet cake.

Today at work, instead of of a traditional cake, Loop got my Italian ice from Rita’s. You can see the video here: