2012 Halloween

This year is Kolin’s first Halloween.  Jessica made our matching costumes by ordering some parts online.  We went as a nerd family.  But I’d rather pretend I was Clark Kent!


2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is Loop’s second annual pumpkin carving contest. This year we had 7 contestants. We also had a voting box to determine the winner.

  • First place: G’s “Death Star”
  • Second place: Alex’s “Mr Mustache”
  • Third place: John’s “Portal”

Honorable mentions

  • Amy W’s “Beelzebub”
  • Jason H’s “Angry Birds”
  • Justin M’s “George”
  • Karn R’s “Guy Fawkes”


2011 Howl O Scream

Loop had another Howl O Scream event this year.  We got the Fright Feast (dinner + show) and the Front Line Fear pass (skip to the front of the haunted house lines). 

At 5:00pm Alex, Justin, and I rode together to Busch Gardens.  We met up with the rest of the co-workers at the diner place for dinner and a show.  The show was alright.  Some of us left early to take advantage of the short lines.

Our group went through all the haunted houses first.  There were six in total.  I thought they were ok.  Aside from the decorations, they all pretty much had the same scare tactic: loud noises (since they’re not allowed to touch you).

After the houses, we went on the roller coasters.  The new Cheetah Hunt ride was really cool.  Though Alex timed it at 1:26 minutes.  Much shorter than the advertised three and a half minutes.


2010 Loop Halloween Party


When I thought last year’s Halloween party was awesome, this year totally blew it away.  The front lawn was converted into a haunted graveyard with animatronics everywhere.  Even the bathrooms were rigged.  The kitchen, living room, the backyard, and the dock were all decorated.

This year Jessica went as a witch.  I went as a mummy.  Jessica made my costume out of some long johns and cut up bed sheets.  It turned out really good.



Pictures from Brad Kugler

2010 Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is Loop’s first annual pumpkin carving contest.  There were nine pumpkins.  And the Judges were Sophie and her family.  The winner got a box of Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • First Place: John’s “Boo From Mario”
  • Second Place: Tovin’s “Loop Logo”
  • Third Place: Karn’s “Taking a Bite”

The rest
  • Alex’s “Owl”
  • Dave’s “Face”
  • Ian’s “Alian”
  • Brian’s “Pi”
  • x’s “Ghost”
  • Josh’s “Josh”
Mine had two pumpkins: a big one biting a smaller one.  Jessica helped carve the smaller one.  It was a lot of fun.


2009 Loop Halloween Party

Steve, Loop’s owner, had a party at his house.  It was really cool.  His brother owns an animatronics company, and helped out.  The whole house looked like it could have been a part of Hallo-Scream.  

A lot of people showed up in many cool costumes.  Jessica and I showed up as a hippy couple.  Jessica’s was a real hippy dress.  Her mom hand sewed the dress back in the 70’s.  So it’s authentic!

Click here for more pictures.


2009 Pumpkin Carving Contest

This was our second time at the apartment complex’s annual pumpkin carving contest.  This year it was on Friday.  The turn out was good.  A lot of people showed up, and there were many contestants.

Like last year, we found a design on the internet and I free-hand copied it.  Jessica added the tooth picks to the eyes.  I thought it was a nice touch because we came in second place again, w00t!  The prize was two $25 gift cards to Chili’s.  Not too shabby.

Afterward, I got another pumpkin and carved two logos: Autobots and Decepticons.  Took a while, but I think they turned out pretty well.

You can see more pictures here: Picasa Web.


Howl O Scream 2009

Loop took us out to Howl O Scream 2009 at Busch Gardens for our 500 Dealers mark.  We had the group specials where dinner was included, and we get to go into the park about an hour before it opens for general public.  We also got a special pass to skip the line up to an hour after they open for general public.

We hit most of the haunted houses first.  They were pretty neat, but not as scary as I thought they’d be.  We also went on a few roller coaster rides.  The lines were quite short.


Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 22, 2008

Jessica and I went to our apartment complex's halloween party on Wednesday.  It was a pretty good turn out.  Lots of families and kids.  They also had a pumpkin carving contest.  We entered one (see picture). 

We got the design from the internet and free-hand copied it (the eyes and the mouth were a bit off).  Who'da thunk we get second place!  w00t!  The prize was a small basket of candy and a publix gift card.  Fun time =)