2011 Christmas

We finally made it to Loop’s Christmas party this year. (Last year we went to New York. The year before that we went on a cruise.) It was awesome. They went all out with a circus theme. They even had real tigers! One was a 600 lb tiger, kept in a huge cage. The other was a 10 weeks old cub, walking around on a leash. Steve P was actually bitten by it. (“Our project manager got bitten by a tiger at the office Christmas party!”)

There were performers (acrobatic, juggler, fire girl). Loop also asked a few employees to participate. Steve’s daughters did ballet. G was the strong man. Jason D did brake dancing. Chris and Sofie sang. And I did a yoga routine.

After the show, they had the award ceremony. A lot of awards, gifts, and bonuses were given out. Thanks Loop!

More pictures here


2009 Christmas Decorations

After having nice Thanksgiving and Black Friday, it’s time to put up our Christmas decorations.  We spent the morning/early afternoon putting up lights around the house. 

Then we took a break to watch the FSU @ UF game.  It was Tim Tebow’s final game at the Swamp.  UF won 37-10.

In the evening we put up a Christmas tree in the living room and filled it with ornaments.