2011 Warrior Dash


This weekend I participated in the Warrior Dash with my co-workers from Loop and a friend from college (Alex, Dave, G, Lee, Lindsay, Robert, and Stacy).  We had a blast!

Warrior Dash is a mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from hell.  This fierce running series is held on the most challenging and rugged terrain across the globe.  Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push their limits and celebrate with kick-ass music, beer and warrior helmets.


2010 New York City

This winter Jessica and I got the chance to to go New York City with her parents.  We stayed at a hotel near Time Square.

We got the chance to see many places: the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, and Central Park.

We also got to see many shows and tours: Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, the Jersey Boys, the NBC’s Today Show, Scott’s Pizza Tour, and a city bus tour.

Though it was very cold, we had a great time.

2010 Disney Hollywood Studio

Jessica and I went to Disney Hollywood Studio.  We stayed at the Disney Swan hotel (got 40% off through Travelocity).  We chose this hotel because of the location.  It was a walking distance away from the park.  They even had a water taxi that took us from the hotel to the the park entrace.

We went to the Lights, Motors, Action! show, the Tower of Terror (twice), Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, the Indian Jones show, and the Studio Backlot Tour.

At night we had dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater.  Then we went to the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

2010 Loop Halloween Party


When I thought last year’s Halloween party was awesome, this year totally blew it away.  The front lawn was converted into a haunted graveyard with animatronics everywhere.  Even the bathrooms were rigged.  The kitchen, living room, the backyard, and the dock were all decorated.

This year Jessica went as a witch.  I went as a mummy.  Jessica made my costume out of some long johns and cut up bed sheets.  It turned out really good.



Pictures from Brad Kugler

2010 Pumpkin Carving Contest

This is Loop’s first annual pumpkin carving contest.  There were nine pumpkins.  And the Judges were Sophie and her family.  The winner got a box of Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • First Place: John’s “Boo From Mario”
  • Second Place: Tovin’s “Loop Logo”
  • Third Place: Karn’s “Taking a Bite”

The rest
  • Alex’s “Owl”
  • Dave’s “Face”
  • Ian’s “Alian”
  • Brian’s “Pi”
  • x’s “Ghost”
  • Josh’s “Josh”
Mine had two pumpkins: a big one biting a smaller one.  Jessica helped carve the smaller one.  It was a lot of fun.


2010 Thailand Day 15 – Last Day in Bangkok

Today was my last day in Bangkok.  Han went to work.  Dad, Mom, Hart, and I had lunch at Dairy Queen.  Then we dropped Mom off and went to the Mall.  I got some postcards and mailed them.  

In the evening, Han joined us and we went to the airport.  I checked into Korea Air.  Then we had dinner at the food court.  

We took some more pictures and said good bye.  Then I went inside.  I kept my phone on, so we were still able to talk up until I was on the plane.

It had been a great trip.  I enjoyed all my time with my family and look forward to the next time I get to come back.

2010 Thailand Day 14 – Pattaya

We slept in and checked out around 11am.  We had breakfast at the hotel and then drove around Pattaya.  We were going to see Underwater World Pattaya, but the price was too high for what was available.  So we just drove around and then went back to Bangkok.

We stopped at a mall along the way for lunch.  We had japanese noodles.

At night we (Mom, Hart, Han, and I) had dinner with my cousin Boy and his girlfriend, P’Pong and his mom at A. Mallika.

2010 Thailand Day 13 – Koh Larn

Today Dad, Han, and I went on a trip.  We drove to Pattaya and got on a boat over to Koh Larn.  

We rented two scooter and drove around to different beaches on the island.  We also went up to the top of the island where we could see all around.  

Riding the scooter was pretty scary.  On the flat and going up hill wasn’t so bad.  The scooter had enough power.  But coming down was another story.  Some of the hills were so steep that I had to ride the brake the whole way down.  And some roads weren’t paved.  Han hit a patch coming down one of the hills and fell off the scooter.  He got some cuts.  So we decided to head back to port and get some first aide for him.

After that we went back to the main land and had dinner at the Central Mall Festival.  We were going to see if we could find a local restaurant, but most within walking distance were bars and night clubs for tourists.  So we ended up eating at the mall.

After that we got a hotel at Ibis.  I found it on TripAdvisor.com.  It was reasonably priced and highly rated.  The room was a bit small, but clean and nice.  There was no wifi in the room, only in the lobby downstairs.

2010 Thailand Day 11 – Italian Town

Apparently there was an Italian town in the middle of the mountain.  And it was quite famous.  There were a lot of people visiting, walking about.  It was quite pretty and nice.  There was a fountain in the middle of the town, a lot of shops around the buildings, a garden off to one side, and a tower in one corner.  There even was a working sundial.

Next place we visited was Primo Posto, a vineyard.  There was a fake well in the middle, too.  Then we had lunch at a dairy place.  I had an ostrich steak.  

In the afternoon we went to Thongsomboon Club.  It’s a park with many different activities.  I did the Luge with Han, Phillip, and his girlfriend. Then we took the sky lift back up to the top.  I also went down a hill inside a giant ball.  It wasn’t as cool as I thought.  They filled the inside with a lot of water to act as a protective layer.  When the ball rolls down, the water turns with it, but you stay right side up.  Han and I also went down a tube slide.

There were other activities that we didn’t do: go kart, bumper boat, zip line, dune buggie, ATV, horse back riding, and a water ride.

We spent the evening back at the resort.  Phillip and his girlfriend left that night because he had to work Monday.