Rain Storm at Clearwater Beach


I took this picture from Loop office in Clearwater. ??It can look like the water's being sucked up into the sky!


Soda Can in a Hot Car

My wife had left a can of Diet Pepsi in the car one day. ??It happened to be quite hot that day. ??This is what happened. ??We'll be sure to not leave an unopened soda can in a car again =)


Sky Diving!

For Christmas bonus this year, my job sent us sky diving at www.SkyDiveCity.com today.  There were eight of us who jumped.  It was an incredible experience. 

I wasn’t really nervous until the door opened and other people started disappearing.  By the time I got to the door and looked out, my body instinctively screamed (inside my head, of course) at me that this situation is definitely not normal!

The first few seconds was extreme, feeling the fall, and going out into the open.  But after I reached my terminal velocity, I couldn’t feel “the falling” anymore.  It was just lots of wind after that. 

When the parachute opened, we slowed down so much that it didn’t even feel like we were descending.  The ground didn’t look like it was getting any closer.  But the view was awesome.

My tandem person (Tom) did a great job, and we had a nice soft landing.  Overall, it was an experience of a life time =)

You can view the video here: http://superkarn.fliggo.com/video/LtgGsUlJ

Sky Diving – January 2009


If you want a higher res (640×480) video, let me know.  It’s about 200MB.

Christmas Party 2008

Went to work Christmas party with Jessica tonight.  It was at the company owner's house.  It was recently just completed, and sits on the water at Clearwater, FL.  Tonight was full moon too.  So the view over the water was very pretty.

We played some get-to-know-people game, and had a White Elephant gift exchange.  I brought a remote control helicopter, which turned out to be pretty popular.  It got stolen three times (max), and was taken out and flew around afterward.  I got a light saber.  Pretty cool.

Other notable items were

  • A jar of cheese balls, iTunes giftcard, and a pack of toilet papers
  • The Leg-Lamp from the Christmas Story
  • 24-boxes of Cheezit!

All in all, it was a lot of fun.  And we all ended the night with a future trip to sky diving!

Merry Christmas!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 22, 2008

Jessica and I went to our apartment complex's halloween party on Wednesday.  It was a pretty good turn out.  Lots of families and kids.  They also had a pumpkin carving contest.  We entered one (see picture). 

We got the design from the internet and free-hand copied it (the eyes and the mouth were a bit off).  Who'da thunk we get second place!  w00t!  The prize was a small basket of candy and a publix gift card.  Fun time =)


Bill Gates Commercial

I just saw Bill Gates in a commercial (during South Carolina vs Vanderbilt).  My thoughts as I watched:

  • why would Bill Gates need to be in one
  • who in the world actually got him to be in one
  • what is this commercial about

Of course, it's a commercial for Windows  =P